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Monstra Inter

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Monstra Inter

The living, the dead, and the monsters in between. 

One day, humanity is hurled into chaos as zombies appear throughout the world. These new monsters will chase for miles, they'll stalk and hide in ambush; they don't eat or drink; their singular goal is to spread the infection to everyone – and everything – in their path. The few people who make it through the initial wave struggle to survive in this horrifying new reality. Will anyone learn to live in this new world? Or will this be the end of humankind?

The story follows several different characters in their fight for survival as these cunning and quick new monsters take over the world. Abigail tries to find her family. Nathaniel seeks shelter. Charlie stands her ground and refuses to leave her farm. Evie and Eric face challenges they'd never dreamed of. Brad and his father head west, as far from civilization as they can get. Paths cross and intertwine. Who will make it out alive? Who won't? And who will end up as the monsters in between?


Monstra Inter is a science fiction horror novel about the zombie apocalypse.

This zombie apocalypse novel is available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook on multiple sites. See the following link for purchase options on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and more:  https://books2read.com/MonstraInter

Signed copies of this book are available here:  cbrdpublishing.square.site or https://cbrittbooks.etsy.com/

Content Warnings

Monstra Inter has some gruesome content and is written with older teens and adult readers in mind. Contains violence, gore, implied physical abuse, and emotional abuse


Characters and Locations

Not all characters or locations from the book are included in this list.

Note:  There are some mild spoilers in this section. If you'd prefer to avoid them, this is your cue to skip this section. 





Eric & Evie (twins)